The Sugarloaf Center

The Sugarloaf Community (de)Center is a semi-autonomous all ages (un)learning and events space on the upper grounds of the SCA land. We welcome people of diverse ages and backgrounds to gather, converse, and learn together. Occasionally there are music events, public events, community potlucks, kids summer programs, Spanish language conversation classes, Writers meetings and more. We offer free public access wifi.

Check out the @sugarloafcenter on Instagram for events and happenings!

For more information on using the space for your event or program please be in touch via email at:

For more information about volunteering at the (de)Center please reach out at:

Accessibility info:

Parking: General parking is in the lower lot. For people with access needs, there is limited parking near the building. Drive through the second gate and park either directly to the right of the front door or next to the Green Building Wellness Center.

Bathroom: There is unrailed ramp access to a 34″ doorway. Bathroom about 15 yards from the building.

Main Space Doorway: 34″ wide entry way and railed ramp to doorway.